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Anybody who knows me, knows that one of my biggest literary influences was the now defunct Moscow, Russia based English alternative newspaper, The eXile. Just before they were shut down by Vladimir Putin’s goons for writing about Pussy Riot before there ever was a Pussy Riot, they started a nice little section on their online edition called “Tyolka Tuesday”, where they basically posted pics of Russian women, to rub in the noses of Western men the kind of women that the average man was fucking in Russia.

Ever since The eXile’s editor-in-chief, Mark Ames was banished from Russia and is now living a dull and dreary existence in America and he stopped doing Blow, I have decided to pay tribute to their invaluable contribution to cross-cultural exchange by making my own Tyolka Tuesday. So to kick it off, here I leave a small video I found.

I know that not all of them might be Russian per se. So let’s just say I will dedicate every Tuesday to the women of the East.

Enjoy fuckers.


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