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Shit I’ve been Listening To Lately

It’s funny how Front Line Assembly has been around for so long, yet it’s only now that I’m really starting to get into them.


I may be a Rivethead in disguise now. But once upon a time in 1997, during my youth, like most kids, I was going through a “phase”. Puerto Rican hip hop was that phase. Yes I said Hip Hop. Although the second CD in this album was titled “Reggae” (as they were still calling Reggaeton before it became mainstream), this was the way it was before Reggaeton truly did begin to suck.

Praise the Lord of Swine, motherfuckers! Raymond Watts of KMFDM fame performing as his solo project, PIG.

Oh yeah, I updated the “About Me” page. Not much there. Just a brief description of what I used to do before I got major league depressed.


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