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Ramm’s Tyolka Tuesday #3

This week is dedicated to one, and only one woman. The real life Black Widow and professional Russian attention whore, Anna Chapman. Apparently she has even proposed marriage to American whistleblower, Edward Snowden. My advice to Mr. Snowden? If it’s for real, go for it. Just ask every expat guy who’s lived in Russia over the past two decades.


I ask myself what sane man wouldn’t turn traitor for a piece of ass like this. Is America really worth it, not to want to fuck her?


Has she considered cosplaying as Black Widow for all the nerds at the NSA who must have her on their Facebook?






According to the gun nuts, she doesn’t know how to handle a weapon properly. But then again she’s never had any combat training since she wasn’t a real spy. Nevertheless, who doesn’t like a girl with a gun?


3 responses to “Ramm’s Tyolka Tuesday #3

  1. Dave ⋅

    Eh she has a butter face.

  2. Proof that you can’t trust beautiful women.

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