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Ramm’s Tyolka Tuesday #8

Okay so I admit that keeping up this feature is a bit harder than I expected. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re a procrastinator like me and you leave things until the last moment. It works great when you’re writing and you have a deadline (which I don’t when I write one of my posts). But if it’s a regular column and you have to look up shit every single time and the idea mill is starting to run thin? Fuck me running!

Anyway this week we’re leaving the Motherland for Ukraine. The Ukrainians don’t consider themselves as part of the East but as Europeans and therefore somehow more “civilized” than the Russian “brutes”. Funny then that they put their first woman prime minister, Yulia Timoshenko under house arrest and beat the shit out of her supporters. On the other hand you have groups like Femen, who say that they are protesting against Patriarchy, yet have no problem in sexualizing their protests with the very same glands that most feminists say they are trying to desexualize.  At least in Russia they know how NOT to be a contradiction and stick to their guns about it. At least Ukrainian women are also pretty. Enjoy and all that. Pics courtesy of




She kinda reminds me of Sarah Vandella





That’s if for this week, folks. I already took my shitload of OTC anti-histamines and I’m going to hit the hay soon. Tomorrow will hopefully be the day when I win my pass not just out of Solitary and The Yard, but off of this goddamned island prison!

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