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What’s been happening as of late

Today is Monday and in a few hours a new tyolka Tuesday will be due. But I must inform those who are following me that perhaps I won’t be able to deliver on that tonight or tomorrow because since last Wednesday I was left without an Internet connection. I blame it on the idiots that they hire to fix the lines and then decide that they can’t do it so not only do they leave you without phone service, but without an Internet connection as well. I am writing this from a computer at a public library. I might as well get used to doing this for the next few months. If things work out the way they seem to be working, I may be moving soon and will be forced to post on a public computer. The thing is, in light of some recent revelations and soul searching, would it be a good idea for me to go ahead? I would post more, but right now I’m still feeling lost and uncertain and I would rather post when I have more time. One thing is for certain. Right now I know what the cat in Schrodinger’s box felt like when he was uncertain about whether he was alive or dead. I guess I should be feeling happy and yet all I feel is fear, uncertainty and all alone. 


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