My name is Rammspieler and this is my blog.

I started writing in a totally non-professional manner for a website called The Daily Raider many years ago. It was there that my love for Industrial Metal music came into full-bloom (as can be seen by the not-so-subtle KMFDM reference for a blog name), I learned about the fine art of satire and how it can easily be misunderstood and I got bitched at a lot because I didn’t write as much as my friend/editor, Victor Von Doom wanted me to. Then depression hit and I just stopped doing much of anything.

Now here I am, several years later. I’m still depressed, but at least now I have some reasons to write again.

I’ll be writing mostly about the shit that goes down at Those Damnable Forums and my love-hate relationship with its community as its former administrator/de facto owner and now as a mod. My thoughts on the so-called “Gendersphere Wars”, about my home, Puerto Rico and the shit that goes down over there, my weekly feature, Tyolka Tuseday, where I post pics and videos of the women of Russia and Eastern Europe, as a tribute to the now defunct alternative newspaper, The eXile, whom I consider to be a big influence when I used to write back on The Daily Raider. I’ll also be posting random shit.



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