Ramm’s Tyolka Tuesday #5

It’s Tuesday. Yep, more Tyolkas from the Great Motherland. This week is a kinda special one, as this week is a fan request by a lady that knows exactly what a hot girl is supposed to be. Man, I should get more girls to submit ideas for this shit. Anyway, yeah this week is dedicated to Russian on-and-off pop duo and professional fake lesbians, t.A.T.u. Who said that seedy Russian music producers with ties to the mob don’t have an eye for what sells? Enjoy it, assholes.

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Тату Премия RMA MTV28/11/08 Лужники



Lean kinda playing the innocent one, as always.


Apparently Julia Volkova had some shit done to her face and she now looks like Eva Longoria. I mean shit still looks kinda hot here. But she had a really beautiful Slavic face before.

P.S.- I know the sizing sucks. So just click on the pics and you should get the larger version.

I’m out. Time to play some Star Supremacy and hope that the Brazilians aren’t out claim jumping again.