Ramm’s Tyolka Tuseday #4 (+ announcement of an announcement)

Yeah, I’m getting lazy alright. Also there is apparently a lack of material of Russian women as of late. Why, Mr. Putin? The people demand answers! In the meantime, I’ve decided to post a video of one of may favorite Russian chicks on YouTube. Genia (however I think it’s pronounced as “Zhenia) is a Russian woman who lives in California, has a Mexican boyfriend, and does most of her videos in Spanish. But she provides convenient subtitles in both English and Russian, so you can understand. Oh yeah. She has a gay, Ukrainian horse with a horn that he grew after catching his girlfriend cheating on another horse, or something, so no it’s not a unicorn.

Oh yeah I sorta have an announcement to make. I can’t declare it official until tomorrow. But I think I have a new job now…